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    problems with my book sales

      my book status says that its on sale now but when i search for it in the search engine it doesn't come up with anything at all. It's like my book isn't on sale. And my cover picture isn't showing up on the page where i can view my book page "on sale"


      does anyone know what i should do?

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          There's something wrong with the servers. None of my books are coming up either... and while I usually sell like 125-175 books a day on average, I haven't sold a single book since 6am. So, there is something wrong with the whole system.

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            Uploaded my book too and my cover isn't showing, so I find it hard to promote. Will anyone from B&N support team respond to these questions that we have? OR do we find the solutions amongst each other here? This is my first time self pub here
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              Please understand that this company is based in New York City -- the place that has no power, people lost homes, and the infrastructure is so wrecked no one can get to work unless they walk 5 miles or more. Sandy has caused huge problems. You might have no sales because your readership in on the east coast, but also because the BN system isn't working. And I'm sure they aren't too happy about loosing sales either, but such things are a low priority when you're standing in front of the space where your home used to be. Please be patient. The situation sucks for everyone, but at least we have internet and can communicate with each other. I'm not sure that's true for PubIt or BN staff right now.
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                thanks for your reply. I'm just happy to know that I wasn't doing anything wrong. :]