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    accidently deleted the free ebooks

      I just created a bn account and when i went to the my ebooks area I noticed that there were books in it that i didn't put there. I thought they were just examples of books that i could download, so i started deleting them. I deleted a dictionary, pride and prejudice, and dracula before i realized that these were free copies that bn was giving me. I noticed this before i deleted little woman, so i still have that one. How do i get the others back? i thought maybe i could cancel my bn account and then reopen a new one so it would be like a fresh download but i don't see any way to delete my account. Does anyone know how i can get those books back? I'd like to have them to put on my nook when it arrives.   Thanks!  :smileyhappy:

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          Hello Scifigirl,

          If you log onto your BN account, go to the eBooks tab, then over on the right side of the screen you should see the "Archive" option. Click on that and there you will see the "deleted" books.


          This is where you will find all of the books that you delete from your nook. You can re-add those books to your library.


          Once you buy a book it is never really deleted, it is just added to the archive.


          Hope this helps!