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    Low application memory space?

      "There is not enough application memory space to download this item. Please archive some of your current applications from your app tray. Once space is available your NOOK Color will try to download this item again."


      This is the message I keep getting when I try to install an app I purchased last night. I've tried archiving it and then unarchiving. Same message. I archived 6 apps, which left 15. Same message. What gives? I expected to be able to have more apps than this. I have tons of memory left on the nook, as well as tons on an SD card. Is there a trick I could try? TIA!

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          I will make a big leap here and assume you did not recently purchase the NC. You can confirm. B&N realized this was an issue and so made it possible for owners to go to stores and have older NCs repartitioned. App downloads are put into a partition reserved for B&N content. Originally that partition wasn't huge because books didn't need it to be. But apps do. So newer NCs and repartitioned ones get a bigger B&N content partition with I think 1gb left over in the other partition for sideloaded content. Apps don't download to the sd card. If you decide to do this, backup stuff before doing so. Also, realize that any content that then goes into the B&N partition will then be hidden. Previously, you could see the B&N content, but not the OS info when hooked to a computer. After repartitioning, it will all be hidden.

          Sideloads will still be visible. The other problem is there's no way to see how full the "hidden" area is.
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              deemure wrote:


              App downloads are put into a partition reserved for B&N content. Originally that partition wasn't huge because books didn't need it to be. But apps do.

              A good and informative post.  But I'd make one small correction.  Originally that partition wasn't huge (900 MB), because there were no books in it.  And Apps are pretty small (usually 1-5 MB, with some more, or less). 


              But when B&N has devs take enhanced books and wrap them in an App layer, they can be simply enormous (think 100-200 MB, for one!).  And then it obviously doesn't take long for the App partition to overflow.  And it did.


              - Mark


              P.S.  Oh, and one other bit of information on these huge "Apps".  It not only takes a lot of space to store the APK file (which is the master copy that holds everything together).  But to be able to run it, it then makes a second copy (a DEX file, usually smaller, but not always) in the Dalvik cache. 


              Sometimes this 2nd file can be very big also, which substantially reduces the # of apps the old-style NC's would hold.  It also explains why some folks were getting Out Of Space messages even earlier than what adding up their App sizes might have indicated.

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                Aha. I bought mine last December. I will take it into a store this week then. Thanks for the help!
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                  After reading your reply to the previous poster I went into BN today to have my NC repartitioned. The CS agent for the nook said he'd seen a memo but couldn't find it. He then called the CS person for the stores (different than the CS we call) . They said they could repartition only on the sd card which is ridiculous as apps don't even download there. Outside of that they said there's nothing they can do. I only have about 30 apps incl. the ones BN installed on the nook.
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                  I have downloaded several APS, and have gotten the message (low application memory space, add APS to archive) How do I put APS into the archive ?

                   I have done it for Books, but I cannot seem to find a way to add APS into archive.