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    Dwindling sales and classification of books

      Maybe this is something everybody knows but me.  In trying to find some discernable reason that my sales have plummeted since the launch of the NOOK Press, I discovered something interesting about how books are classified into categories.  My books are historical romances with western themes.  They are priced at $.99 as they were previously published.  As I uploaded each book, I chose the categories carefully so readers could find them.  Romance - Historical - Western.  Romance - Historical- General.  You get the picture. 


      I have just discovered while trying to drill down to my books via the left side bar categories that if a book is priced below $5.00 it is automatically placed in the "NOOK Deals" category along with 88,000 other books.  There is little way to filter them, except by Romance then historical (in my case) which resulted in 11,000 books that readers have to sift through one by one.  No way to filter by other sub-genres such as western, comtemporary, viking, etc.  This is new to me and answers the question of why no matter how many times I change the categories, my books still did not come up under westerns.  Anyone else savvy to this?????