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    nookcolor web browser frozen

      My web browser is stuck on a page.  It didn't finish loading, and I can't make it stop.  I've tried "stopping", I've tried searching for a different web page, I've shut the thing off and on a bunch of times.  But, everytime I click on web, it just goes back to the same page and acts like it is trying to finish loading.  This has been days.  help!

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            It looks as if you just bought your NC.  Have you seen the web browser work properly

          for any length of time?  Also, have you tried a proper power down (hold down power

          button 10 seconds and wait for screen to go black)?


             If you haven't seen the browser work well for any length of time you may want

          to take in the NC to you local B&N and demonstrate your problem for them.


             Best of luck, Dave