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    Ebook Price - How Annoying


      The Faithful Spy, by Alex Berenson is $8.99 at B&N.  Not too bad except it came out about 4 years ago and in my pre-Nook days, I'd try and pick it up at a used bookstore for 1/2 price.  But, I have some Sony giftcards from Target, so I thought I'd pop over there and buy it, that would give me 40% off.  Sony wants $17.47 for it.  Guess I won't be buying it over there.  The other books in the series are $8.99 at Sony, and even the newest one is $12.99.


      I think B&N should pay attention to our response to the discounted gift cards.  They could issue ebook only gift cards at a discount, we'd buy them, and they have all that money upfront before we bought the books.  I know, the Agency Model may not let them, but Sony was able to do it,

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          I'm doing Faithful Spy on audio.  At the time I decided to try the series, both B&N & Sony were over $10.  I have an accumulation of Audible.com credits & such, which gives me a little diversity.  I also have a few of the Sony gift cards from Target.  (I can't resist a deal:smileyhappy: