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    3Nook HD+ Question re APPS

      Hi! New here, I purchased 3 Nook HD+apps for my kids for Christmas. I wanted them mainly for the books many of which I have sideloaded since I needed 3. I am the main profile on all 3 nooks. If I purchase an app from the Nook App store under my profile am I able to load onto all 3 or no would I have to purchase the same app 3 times?

      Tried to find the answer but haven't had any luck....not very tech savvy here!LOL


      thanks in advance :smileyhappy:



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          If you have registered all 3 Nooks to the same account (email address login)  then any items purchased will show up on all 3 devices.


          If you registered all 3 devices to 3 different accounts (email logins) then you will have to purchase each item 3 times. 


          If you already did example 2 but want example 1, then you can unregister 2 of them and reregister them to one email login.


          Hope  this helps.