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    Charging Problems

      I bought my NC last year and only used it once and never need the charger. I try to use my NC today for the second time ever and it's only 13%. So I try to charge it but it says "not charging" this is literally my first time using the charger. What's the problem?

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          You might have a faulty charger. You can try looking in a B&N or online for a new one, but the odds aren't always in your favor. If you have a standard microUSB charger cord (like for a phone), you could try that. It will take longer, but should work.
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            What is it with the Nook Color and charging? My First Nook Color I was able to send to Barnes and Noble and they sent me a refurbished one.  Barley had it 1 month and it was not charging.  Contacted them and they sent me a new USB cable since I was still under warranty.  But now once again the USB cable is wiggling and trouble staying in to charge.  I never had this problem with my Nook 1st Edition or so far with my Nook HD.  Now I am worried that when my warranty runs out I will be left with a Nook that does not work.  

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              I totally agree with you TammyD. I had a nook 1st edition and never had any issue.
              Ibought a nook color...have it for a little over a year, and now have an issue with the usb cord not staying in place when charging.I have to put the Nook flat, plug in the cord, and place something under the plug that connects my nook and the plug (so it makes a connection and keeps it).
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                YES! I gave my Nook Color to my little one so she would have something to use to read and watch Netflix on but this cord issue is really ticking me off.