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    Nook app for Android can't transfer to books to SD card?


      Hey all,


      I have Droid X2 and the Nook android app. I've been sideloading non-NookBooks for ages, but my phone's internal memory is a little limited. What I want to do is have my sideloaded books stored on the add-on SD card I use, as it has 4GB free.


      In the Nook for Android FAQ, it states that if one is running OS 2.2 or above, that there should be an option to "move part of the app" (one would hopes this includes pub files?) to the SD card by accessing the Applications Settings menu and selecting the "Move to SD card" option. I'm running Android version 2.3.5 and that option does not exist in the Nook for Android settings page.


      Anyone have any thoughts on this? I want to load up my phone with books (non-NookBook books) but I can't cram them into my phone's tiny onboard storage. Need them on the SD card. I tried moving the Nook folder from the internal storage to the SD storage manually, but then my app only recognized the books I bought directly from BN, not any of my sideloaded stuff.


      Advice much appreciated!