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    Poetic- Nice bluetooth keyboard for HD


      I just received the Poetic Bluetooth Nook HD Keybook series keyboard/cover, purchased on Amazon for $29.00, no shipping cost as I am Prime member.




      Sorry no pic I'm still stock no flash.


      Connecting the Poetic to the HD's bluetooth was quick and easy.  However it  took a few minutes to get the HDs onboard keyboard to drop out and the external keyboard operating independently.  If you have a problem reboot the HD one or two times , also check the keyboard settings in all settings/general.


      Yes the keyboard is a bit cramped, however if you are a well practiced touch typist you should quickly get some decent wps typing performance.  I have fairly good sized hands, but can touch type and it gets easier the more I type.


      The outside keys like shift , enter, delete, caps, tab, are the hardest to hit consistently, again practice makes it easier.  A few keys are not where you expect and they willl slow you down, like the hypen key which requires hittingthe FN key to access the hypen.  The feel of the keyboard as you type is great, actuallly I`m surrised how good the keys feel and react.  The Poetic is NOT a rubber/plastic chiclet style keypad.  One important key is the key to jump to the URL bar in the browser, on the Poetic it is the search icon key left of the space bar.  The Poetic does not come with a manual, just a 4 page quick user guide.  Thus nothing to explain any of the FN keys.  So you will have to  play with them until you figure out what they do. The single biggest annoyance is the size of the space key.  It is dead center but needs to be about an inch wider, again with practice you willl get used to it.


      One nice feature is the keyboard can  completely detach from the case thus more  versatility.

      The case  has a nice feel and should provide decent protection.  However the weight, thickness, and  the  closing strap may be an annoyance to many.


      Without  mouse navigation through the Nook GUI  you quickly discover the need of quick access keys or programable fn keys specific for HD navigation would be nice but are not included.  Having to reach to the screen and drag or click to  open is awkward but again this shouldn`t keep you from buying.


      Recommend or Not?

      Yes for the price and a keyboard with nook case, the Poetic is very good deal.  The shell cases sold at B&N are $25 and more when not on sale.  So far I realy like the Poetic, and would recommend it.



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          Thanks for the review. Does the keyboard include cursor control keys - that alone would be worth the price!

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            I mentioned in my OP that although the Nook HD quickly connects with the Poetic Keyboard, getting the internal Nook Keyboard to drop out sometimes doesn't happen quickly.  This can happen even if in Settings it says the Poetic is connected & paired.  I said to reboot, quicker and easier is to rename the device.  In the All Settings / Wireless & Bluetooth where it says Connectivity which is where Bluetooth is turned on/off, it will show the bluetooth keyboard "connected" and it's name is Bluetooth Keyboard.  If you turn the on/off to off and quickly back on, you will see a "gear" icon appear to the right of the device name, click on it and you can rename the device name.  Just add another letter or two to the name, and you will be fully connected / paired and when you exit All settings the keyboard should work properly.


            Sometimes it requires unpairing or turning off both keyboard & the HD's bluetooth and then turning back on to sync.  It is a bit annoying, it usually takes a minute or two to get the keyboard sync and working by a combination of rename or on/off.


            I have gone half a day multiple times putting the HD in standby with the power switch or it times out and screen goes blank, but as soon as I turn the HD on or it turns on when cover is opened,the keyboard has been right there and working.  The problem has only occurred when I tried to restart the keyboard after I shut off either HD's Bluetooth or turn off the keyboard.



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              I'm not comfortable with the OP and above recommendation to simply change device name to fix when keyboard is detected or detected and paired but not working.  I have a bit more experience hopefully this will help if anyone is having an issue.


              Bluetooth keyboard detected / paired and working:

              bluetooth on


              My quick test to see if the keyboard is really working, is to open chrome or browser, hit the search key

              key   next to the space bar, which jumps to the URL addr bar.


              The above image can also be shown but the keyboard is NOT working!

              Usually the gear icon isn't present, you can 1st try to click on the "Bluetooth Keyboard" area, and it may connect, If not, then try clicking again but this time hit the sync button on the keyboard, it may connect.  Also this is where I would click on the gear icon, and go in and change device name, however I have since learned this only works if the Bluetooth Icon at the top of screen is blue, if grey this will not work.  If still no joy and not working, you may have to turn Bluetooth off in settings, and the Bluetooth keyboard off, and then restart + hit the sync button.



              Connected but now keyboard not working:



              Usually clicking on the Bluetooth Keyboard name will make it reconnect.

              If that doesn't work click on the Bluetooth Keyboard and click sync button on keyboard.

              Finally click "Find other devices, and after search click on Bluetooth Keyboard, it should connect.



              Connected even says paired but Icon is grey:



              Usually clicking on the Bluetooth Keyboard name will make it reconnect.

              If that doesn't work click on the Bluetooth Keyboard and click sync button on keyboard.

              Finally click "Find other devices, and after search click on Bluetooth Keyboard, it should connect.


              This post is with images to repeat some of the same info may seem extreme but I feel since I gave bad advice above, I would try to be as clear as possible.


              I have to say that after adding the Poetic keyboard, my Nook HD is an entirely different device/tablet  much more functional.  Before the keyboard it was my portable quick internet browser and ebook reader, essentially a fancier Nook Color.  Hunt & peck in the browser to look up quick things like tv/movie/actor info, and something to do when bored but watching tv with others.  The HD is faster has higher resolution screen than my 4 year old laptop, and begs to be used for more serious computing.  The Poetic keyboard helps make that leap, I am very happy with this keyboard.


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                I like mine too, but I have a couple of questions....


                1. From what I read below, opening the cover is supposed to turn the device on (i.e. wake it up).  That often happens, but not always with mine.  Also, sometimes when it wakes it up, it goes straight to what I was doing last without pausing at the Welcome Back screen (where you have to swipe to get in - and it may have been hours since I last used the device or minutes.  Is this normal?


                2. Usually, if the cover is closed and I pick up my Nook, I can HEAR it going between sleep/wake/sleep/wake.  I'm not opening the cover, just moving the device.  Is this normal?


                Thanks, Robin

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                  My great keyboard died!  Warning, do not get the Poetic keyboard around water.  I think I  had some water on my hands which may have dripped a couple of  drops  onto the key board.  Result a portion of the keyboard quit working.


                  Poetic support was great I had a new keyboard in 2 business days.  They do want me to send the old one back.  I haven't checked my email for the RMA form,  hopefully there is a prepaid  ship label.


                  Unfortunately, the replacement isn`t as good as the original.  The spacebar key requires me to hit it exactly in the middle.  The previous keyboard I could touch type without looking at the screen,  this keyboard everyother word the spacebar  takes 2-3 hits.  Super annoying.  Many of the other keys are not as responsive as well. I am having to type extra hard.


                  I will be calling Poetic for another keyboard.

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                    Although I generally agree with the review, I have one additional criticism. There seems to be no way to determine the amount of keyboard charge. So I suppose it's possible you could lose the keyboard in the middle of a session. I don't know if any of the other keyboards have this same weakness or even if I've missed the feature somewhere.