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    Need help:  Nook 1.2 version with Dual Boot via sd card,  sluggish, apps stall and no netflix

      I really want to love the dual boot with CM7 on a class 4 16 GB card, but so far it has been far from an enjoyable experience. If you can help I would make me very happy 


      Here's some of my issues:


      1)Everything seems really slow, dolphin browser is very slow and the wifi seems slow as well


      2)Apps just hang and don't respond;  almost every app I open says app does not respond and I can either wait or force close the app.


      3) I can't get netflix to work even with the newest versions of the fixed file. Netflix is giving me the following error connection "Make sure that your device has network connectivity and the date and time settings are accurate".


      Maybe I need a newer version of cm7 or a different version of android on the NC.


      Any help would be great.