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    MovieGallery 1.4 Available Soon

      Tools4Movies announced on their website today that an update to MovieGallery is going to be available on the B&N App Store within the next few days.  It looks like some of the improvements include a "settings" button, "files" button and inclusion of an MP4 Streaming capability.  What I like most about this $2 App is that when combined with DVD Catalyst ($10 from Tools4Movies) you can put any DVD/Blueray movie you own on your Nook easily and with DVD quality results. 

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          Good to know.  The DVD Catalyst/MovieGallery is a simple to use combination that gives you consistant results.  In fact it's so easy to use, I now have quite the nook playable movie library available on my network drive that I can choose 8 or so movies I can keep on my 16gb sd card at a time.  If you enjoy watching movies on your nook and find benefit in having them with you (when you're not in wifi range), this is a really good way to go.

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            Thanks for the post :smileyhappy:


            Unlike the last time when I posted prematurely, I wanted to hold off with the announcement for the NOOK until it was actually available.


            As requested by many, the tap-to-play is back, and for settings and folders, I added buttons. The buttons, also because it was requested have been made smaller, but the "touch area" is a little larger. I also implemented a "delete file"option, which was also requested :smileyhappy:


            Aside from these changes, one of the biggest things added in MovieGallery is the ability to connect MovieGallery to MP4 Streaming Server (free). With the 1.3.2 MovieGallery version that is currently available for the NOOK, I implemented the streaming trailers. The MP4 Streaming Server connection works in a similar way, but then for your own movies at home.

            With the MP4 server, you can organize your video collection in playlists that will appear on the NOOK as folders, so you can easily switch between them.


            Of course when you stream your movies, you don't need to fill up your memorycards, and as a bonus, it also eliminates the 2GB file-size limit on the NOOKcolor and NOOKtablet.


            For full details:


            Release Notes:



            MovieGallery + MP4 Server Guide:



            • MovieGallery 1.5 Available Soon

              A few days ago, I uploaded MovieGallery 1.5 to B&N's Appstore. It is a bit quick, only 2 weeks after 1.4, and as DVD Catalyst users know, I take these so-called minor version-increases quite seriously. These "minor" version updates (1.4 > 1.5) always include enhancements that other developers often see as an opportunity to jump a major version (1.0 > 2.0) and charge an upgrade fee, but I think the updates I have done are quite big.


              MovieGallery Screenshot



              * Honeycomb enhancements.

              Not really specific to the NOOK, since the menu-bar has always been hidden from view during video playback, but since I started development on MovieGallery, people who are using Honeycomb tablets have been asking about the menu bar at the bottom during video playback. Because I did not want to create 2 versions of MovieGallery, a “phone edition” and an “HD edition”, I developed MovieGallery with compatibility in mind. It works great on just about any Android device. But, as a result, I could not use certain features of the newer Android versions in order to maintain compatibility. Well, in MovieGallery 1.5, I applied some magic, and did both. Now, the menu-bar in Honeycomb is dimmed as it should in MovieGallery during video playback.

              * Ice Cream Sandwich enhancements.

              Similar as for Honeycomb, I figured while I was at it anyway, I did the same for the ICS button-bar. Unfortunately, due to the way ICS works, if you tap on the screen, the buttons will appear and remain visible. If you back-out to the Gallery view and then play your video again (it remembers where you left off) the button bar will be hidden again.

              * Theming.

              With Honeycomb and ICS support, I also made MovieGallery use the theme of the device. Earlier versions of MovieGallery used the old 2.2 look, but now, it uses the theme of your device, so it looks fresh and clean on Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich.

              * Quicklist button.

              Also new in MovieGallery 1.5 is a Quicklist button (don’t worry, you can hide it). While it basically contradicts the reason why I created MovieGallery, the Quicklist button simply brings up a list of all the video files MovieGallery found with the tap of a button, and with another tap, it will start playing your video. This eliminates the need to flip through your images to find the movie you want to watch.


              * Image loading.


              Because MovieGallery displays images, it takes some memory to run. If you have a lot of movies, or large images, this can cause it to exceed the Android limitations. With MovieGallery 1.5, I changed the way the images are loaded, which should eliminate most memory-related issues.


               MovieGallery video player zoom


              MovieGallery Full Screen


              MovieGallery (for NOOKcolor and NOOKtablet) can be found in the NOOK Appstore here.

              At the time of writing this, B&N still has the 1.4 version listed. Somewhere next week, the 1.5 version should be live.

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                Once I am done transferring some movies to my Nook Tablet, this app (whatever it's current version is) will be purchased. I have read enough good things about it to make me want it. Considering it's only $2, I think it will be well spent. Thanks for letting us know about the coming update btw. It's nice when devs make an effort to get in contact with their user base.