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    Request for Xfinity TV App for Nook Tablet

      This request is already in the Nook Color forum and for redundancy sake (in hopes that the Nook App development team is reading), I'm sure I'm not alone in stating we would very much like to have an Xfinity TV app for the Nook.  NOTE:  I am aware the Xfinity app is now available in the Android Market, however if you try and install it via the Xfinity website (indeed there are prompts to do so), you cannot install it on your Nook yet.  The "Send to" prompt only provides device choices that are your smartphones (even though I tied my Nook Tablet to my Google account).  So apparently, this action requires a Nook-specific standalone app.  Attention B&N Development Team:  If you are reading, please work with Xfinity to get this app online.  Watching my Xfinity Premium On-Demand shows was one of the main reasons I just purchased the Nook Tablet.  I assumed once it became available in the Android market, it could be installed on the Nook.  My mistake in assuming, I know, but nevertheless, I'll ask here anyway.