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    Rooting my Nook Color

      I was looking to purchase a tablet when I found out about rooting you Nook Color.  Of course, I would love to save money if this is really true. I have gone to ever Google search possible to see if this really works and if there are any problems with doing it.  I am getting mixed answers to my questions.  I noticed that no one has posted anything to this site since Oct 2011.  Can somebody update me on what's going on with rooting your Nook Color?  I also want to know what site is the best site to go to about rooting?  Thanks

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          I would go look here for the easy way:   http://n2acards.com/


          Not true "root", but leaves the Nook Color itself alone and runs Android from the sd card. 

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              This is a great wway to get nearly all the functionality of an Android tablet without messing with the actual software.  It gives you the option of booting into Android or into the native interface. 

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                  I second Orb's recommendation to "roll your own" bootable uSD card.  You can purcase a 32 GB uSD card from Amazon for about $32 and download the software for free as opposed to $79.99 for the N2A card.


                  The only issue I encountered in upgrading from a 8 GB card to the 32 GB card was the need to increase the size of the root partition because of a change in the size of the increase size of the expanded SD card image - it apears that this has been corrected in the last few weeks.


                  Good Luck whatever you decide.

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                I made my own bootable SD card which worked pretty well, but ran slowly compared to the NC stock. Plus, web browsing was problematic. Upgrading the card was irritating bec. I'd lose the files I had downloaded.


                A couple of months ago, I just bit the bullet and installed CyanogenMod 7.1 to the NC main flash memory.


                Best thing I ever did. I now have a tablet that I can read my Nook books on, Kindle books, Google books, I can download from the library directly into Overdrive media console without the hassle of using Adobe DIgital Editions ... it runs fast, I can load all my other Android apps. There has been no downside for me. I planned to do it when my year warranty was up, but changed my mind and did it as soon as I discovered how easy it is to revert back to factory new state using the interrupted-boot restore sequence.

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                  If you're a bit technically challenged like me, go with the N2A card.  I got the 16gb with CM7.1 last week and it is AWESOME.  And I didn't take the chance in screwing up my NC. :smileywink:

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                    I just got the N2A card last week and it is awesome-as you probably have seen it gives you the ability to have the best of two worlds-you can boot it up to either stock or android market-best part is that it doesn't void warranty-