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    Book Sales Plunge since Sandy

      My sales went from 144 on October 30th to 6 on October 31st.  A complete and utter plunge.  Anyone else having this problem?  

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          Yes. In over a year I've never had a zero day. Yesterday I had a zero day. Today I sold a few, yet not even close to what I normally do. :smileysad:

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            Do you all think it’s because of the technical problems that they’ve been having?
            And if so… will those sales show on those days after they fix the problem? Like a recover?
            Or is it possible that those sales will not post at all and will be lost?
            I just released a book, and I know that family and friends bought, but I’m still showing ZERO!
            I’m hoping that I can go back to yesterday 10-31 and hope to see that they made an adjustment from ZERO to something.
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              Please be aware that this company is based in New York, and that most of the Eastern Seaboard (a huge book-buying area) has been wiped out. People are not really thinking about anything but surviving. If your sales have suddenly slumped, that may tell you that your main readership is on the East Coast. This will rebound over time, but . . . reading is a low priority when you have no home, no power, and can't really go anywhere because all the infrastructure is ruined.
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                We did not notice any significant drop in sales until the 31st.  This is typical for us though, we had the same thing happen last Halloween.  Our books are all children's books and I attribute the drop in sales to the fact that most of our readers are probably busy Trick r' Treating on Halloween.  Our Amazon books had the same results.  Sales for November 1st and 2nd are back to typical rates.

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                  It's comforting to see this post, I came here because I am experiencing a similar issue. I am used to regular sales, rarely have a "0" sale day, the last few days I haven't had anything. Hopefully just slow reporting......


                  Fingers crossed for now.