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    Nook HD won't charge

      My nook HD will not charge. When it's plugged in the green light will come on and then it turns orange and a picture telling me to plug it in comes on. Then there is no light and it doesn't charge. It's only two months old.

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          If it's only two months old, I'd take it back to the store. Could be a bad Nook or just a bad cable, but it's still covered.
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            I would definitely try another charger first, if replacement or the local Best Buy is a distance away.
            Usually when something like you describe happens, and the charge cycle begins but then fails, it is the charger that's bad.
            Even then I would want a free replacement since your Nook is only 2 months old.
            The connector cable is proprietary but the other end is USB and there are many you can buy, just read the specs on your BN charger. My HD+ states, output 5.1 V @ 2Amps. Just make sure the one you buy is 5V and can deliver the current stated on yours or higher. The device will only draw the amount of current it needs, so if you connected a 3Amp charger it won't hurt it. The voltage however, must match 5V rating, which is standard for all USB.
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              I have been having this same problem exactly.  I took the USB end and plugged into my computer and it started chargin.  It could be the black box that the USB plugs into that is bad, not sure.  This happened to me a month ago and it only seems to happen when the charge is below 10%.

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                I had a similar problem. The tablet would not charge. Finally, I found a spare cord, plugged it in and it started charging! Yea.