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    Books not searchable by keyword

      I have a number of keywords listed for each of my titles, Devil's Eye and Forsaken By Shadow.  The latter was published via Pubit at the end of October and has NEVER been findable by any of the keywords I have listed (separated by commas as the instructions indicate), and Devil's Eye, which was published in late December, is searchable ONLY by the first search term in the list.  (I've just entered every single keyword I have listed and checked).  Which means that no one is finding my books unless they are looking specifically FOR them.  


      Is anyone else having this problem?  Anybody know who I need to contact for assistance?

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          Yes! I probably drove them nuts about it...could only find my books if my name was typed in...but I found that I could sometimes find them under release date or pricing....Try that. I was told that they have so many books up, that the system doesn't always bring every book up under key words...it is more of a random thing...sometimes mine show up and sometimes they don't...Hope this helps.

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            That is absolutely no solution.  I can find my books perfectly well.  The fact that they do not come up under any of the keywords I provide is hurting my sales from other people who are not looking specifically for me.  No one searches for books to buy based on release date.  Why the heck do they even ask us to provide keywords in our listing if their system is not capable of using them?  I'm incredibly frustrated by this and would love a true SOLUTION from BN themselves.  I mean, for the love of God, Amazon doesn't have a problem with this.  In fact, Amazon doesn't have ANY of the problems that Pubit has had.  If they truly want to be a competitor, they need to fix their system.