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    Nook app for Windows 8 phones

      Will the Nook app for Windows 8 PCs and tablets work for Windows 8 phones also? Or is there an app just for Windows 8 phones? I cannot find an app in the app store on my phone.

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          Have been through this with Windows phone 7, 7.5 and now 8.  So far no app for Windows phones and no response from B&N

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              Then again it might not be an explanation; do apps sell the OS and make it more popular or is the OS so good that buyers will choose it -making it very popular -and the app developers follow.
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                  It is the OS that attracts the Devs, so if that OS does not sell well, then you don't have Devs running to develop for the OS.  Three percent of the market is not a good place to be in.  Think back to the days when the MAC OS was at 3% of the PC market, were Devs writing cool apps and games for the MAC?  NOPE, not enough of an installed base, that and the fact that there were way to many models of MAC computers.  When Steve returned at Amelio's request, that was the first thing he did, kill off the duplicates of the different models and then kill off the Newton project.  As a MAC user since 1984 I feel your pain, but the fact that most phone makers are going with Android and Nokia was just purchased by MS, I don't see that getting any better any time soon.  Remember, these are my thoughts on the matter and not those of my employer.  Your mileage may vary.

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                It has been quite a long time and I have not seen a Nook app for Windows Phone yet. So, I just purchased my Dell Venue Tablet and have been using the nook app on it. I made a decision to go ahead and install the Amazon Kindle app. I have saved $400.00 from the first post I made back in April or June about the "where's the Nook app". purchase all of my books from Amazon and I will say bye bye to Barnes and Nobles book store and will purchase my book directly from Amazon.


                Bye Bye Nook and Barnes and Nobles


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                    Sadly, I'm leaving B&N as well in favor of Kindle.  I simply can't wait any longer and can't bring myself to invest in any more Nook Books when I have serious doubts about their longevity in light of the fact they won't support necessary devices.  Goodbye, B&N.  I have a feeling they are rapidly heading the way of Borders.

                  • Can't Download WIN8 NOOK App

                    Unable to download the NOOK Windows 8 App for phones, also, My PC WIN8, I seem to be going in circles. The webpages from B&N are there. But, the links to the advertized application won't respond. When I mouse over the weblink on he page , the HTML link shows in the browser. NO JOY! not  working... not to be confused with networking..



                    So, what's the scoop. Is there a WIN8 App or not? I wasted an hour of my time confirming that all the links don't work. There is no NOOK app presented in the Window's app Store. 





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                        To my knowledge there has never been a WindowsPhone app. The Win8 reader may or may not have worked on Win8 RT (or Win8 Pro -- the two are completely different operating systems; RT is a Flash memory based tablet OS while Pro is an Intel compatible disk based OS).


                        Given the recent extracts, the B&N / M$ agreement has been modified so that B&N does not have to provide a Win8 reader. Implication is that M$ may be developing its own reader software.

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                        waiting since windows phone 7.5... still patiently waiting... I love Mook but this is taking very long... and I don't even know if they care about people in the windows phone market at all...

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                          Well i have been a very loyal Nook fan for a long time but ever since i got Windows Phone (7.5) Barnes and Noble never gave us a response about its current situation...


                          Now i have Windows phone 8 and upgraded to 8.1...

                          It seems like they do not care about their customers anymore... at least Amazon responds...


                          I hate to say it but i am going to jump to Kindle because they have the same books i want to read and they are on the windows phone/windows 8 desktop interfaces...