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    HD Registration--Confirmation

      I brought my HD+ last night! Hoorah! However, after I connected to the Internet, I couldn't register my device. I gave me an error message saying that it wasn't unable to connect and reboot. I did several times...and when it didn't work, it told me to call customer service. 


      I called customer service about fifty minutes ago, and I talk to Nook support representative. He told me that the servers were still down...and that HD+ has different software on the B&N server. Anyway, he told me to try to connect later.


      Is anyone else having this problem connecting after they got their Nook late last night or today?




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          There's an issue affecting a small number of HD+ devices that will not allow them to register (the one I bought is having the same issue).


          BN has people working on it and they said it should be resolved "in a day or two". Hopefully sooner.

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            Friday, Nov 2 at 2PM.


            Just talked with BN store and the new Nook HD+s are still down. They said the timing of the Registration  issue resolution was not clear.

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              I just had the same experience.  Customer support told me to wait 24 hours and try again.  Really annoying that I can't even get to the users guide.  Apparently no downloadable users guide is available, or if it is, I can't find it.

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                I am a Barnes and Noble digital lead for one of the retail stores.  10 minutes ago I was suddenly able to register my Nook HD+ 32GB and a customers, whereas I have been unable too since yesterday morning for both.  The issues may finally be resolving and the serial numbers in place on the Barnes and Noble backend for these devices.  Please give yours a try if you read this and were having issues.





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                    I was finally able to register my Nook HD+ 32gb about an hour ago.  I had taken it back to the store (was exchanging the cover I bought for the 360) and they tried to register it with no success. He called tech support and they told me to try every 30-45 min or so.  I ran a few errand, came home and gave it a try.  It registered on my first attempt! 


                    Now I'm busy setting it up and learning the slightly different interface.

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                    I was at my in-laws's house. The first time I tried to register it, it didn't take...but an hour later, I did it again, and it was ALL gold! I was sitting there happy as freaking clam!!! 


                    I am going to do a review on the other thread, but this device is just STUNNING. I have a Nook Tablet, too, and I would like to think that the Nook Tablet is like an excellent trade paperback book or a small reader's digest. The Nook HD+--that's like an excellent hardback book or a full size magazine. It's just absolutely wonderful to read on it!!!!!