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    Borrow books from public library


      I know that it's possible to borrow ebooks from the public library on the Nook but is it possible to do this on the Iphone Nook app and if so, how would I do this?




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          I don't think it's possible at this time. The DRM that Overdrive books use -Adobe Digital Editions- is not supported on the iphone.


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            Well, here's a different version of the same question.


            I have an Omnia II Windows Mobile 6.2 phone. 


            I have the (very poorly engineered) B&N Nook app for Windows Mobile


            I have Adobe Reader LE. 


            And then, as I was going through my files, on my storage card, there is a program called "Digital Editions" (although I don't think I downloaded it). So, in trying to read a library book with that stuff on my phone, it gives me the fields of "purchaser's name" and "unlock code" as if this were a purchased book rather than a library book.


            Anybody know if reading library EPUB or PDF books on phones is ever a possibility?  I know Apple hates Adobe, so they peed in their own Easter basket, but Windows has always had a love affair with Adobe, so I've been having my fingers crossed. 



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                I sometimes used to read Adobe DE books from my library on my older Palm devices. It was agonizing, as it took a long time to turn pages and scroll, so I hardly ever read them unless I couldn't get the book any other way. In comparison, the library also offered eReader versions which were a pure pleasure to read on the Palm.


                Also, converting the Adobe pdf books to a Palm format was a ridiculously convoluted process via the Adobe desktop software. I hope the process is much improved for newer devices like Nooks.


                I would love to read library books on my iPad, but I wish Overdrive would choose to work with anything other than Adobe DRM.