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    Age Range?

      Is there a set or average age range of the Nook Kids books using the "AliveTouch" and "Read to me" features?  The two examples given are for books for very small children (which is fine since I have a 5 year old), but I'm hoping there will be a fair share of books taking advantage of these for slightly older kids as well (I also have an 8 year old that loves to read, but would probably love to use these as well sometimes).  

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          I'd guess that there will be significant books for the 8 year old.  One of the books featured was Beverly Cleary, and I'm pretty sure I was reading her at 8 and 9.  


          I imagine as it catches on, they'll keep adding kids books as well.

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            The NOOK kids digital book collection spans all ages featuring the latest technology for our newest book lovers.

            Also, we have the largest collection of popular children’s picture books and nearly 12,00 digital chapter  books for kids.