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    Torn on getting a new Nook

      I’m torn on whether I should get a Nook Glowlight or stick with what I have. I read in both the outside daylight, indoors and in the dark. I have a pristine Nook1st Edition 3g and a Galaxy 10.1 tablet (Wi-Fi only). Both work fine and I can use one or the other to read inside/outside as needed. Yesterday, both devices needed to be charged so I had an hour or so that I couldn’t read, hardly a crisis I know, lol. But during that hour plus I saw that the Nook Glowlight has an 8 week  battery charge!


      So my dilemma is to I get a new device when what I have works fine if I’m organized or upgrade to the newer technology? I’m thinking the glowlight might have other advantages that I’m missing out on.



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          Keep in mind, that 8 weeks is based on 1/2 hour of reading per day. Still, an eink device will last many times longer than an LCD tablet... provided you charge it, of course.


          You didn't mention which is your primary reading device. I primarily read on an LCD tablet, but do like having eink for outdoors/beach situations. Is it worth spending the price of a new device if it's not your primary, or only used occasionally?


          If you're otherwise happy with your existing N1E, unless you really find the new display or format much improved, there's probably not a lot of motivation to change. You could have just as easily forgotten to charge a NGL. I'd suggest visiting a local B&N and looking at the device to see if it provides a big "wow" factor. If not, you might as well wait to see what new comes out in the next 6 months.


          Be aware that there's talk that the TSA may not allow uncharged devices on planes at some point. Keep your toys charged up before flying!

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              Bob, thanks for the quick reply! My main reading device used to be the Nook 1E but for the last few months I have been mostly using my tablet; because of reading in bed this winter and now out on my deck in the summer after dark.


              I also forgot to mention that I do borrow library books sometimes; I havent lately since I've been blessed with many B&N gift cards but when they run out I'll probably wnat library books again.


              That is  a great idea to try it out and see if I'm wowed. If not, I guess my best bet is to use what I have until the next technologly comes out. I need some "coffee table" books so I  will be going out to a B&N soon so I'll do my test drive then.



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                bobstro wrote:


                Be aware that there's talk that the TSA may not allow uncharged devices on planes at some point. Keep your toys charged up before flying!

                Your article says, in part:


                Cell phone explosives are nothing new, one of the most well known cases of a cell phone bomb was the Jan. 5, 1996 killing of Palestinian suicide bomb mastermind Yahya Ayyash.  Ayyash was killed after answering a cell phone packed with explosives.


                I don't see the downside.

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                I recently had to replace my Nook 1st Edition after 6 years, it still looked like new. So I was torned as well, however, I went to charge it one day, before leaving on a business trip and I couldn't get any image to load. Yes this was a panic moment for me. I read 800-1000 books a year and I must admit this loss was epic. I tried all the previous fixes, removing and replacing the battery and still nothing. Now I loved the first edition because of the anti-glare pages and I was so torn, so I went into my local B&N to see if there was some repair options for me, there were none so I looked at the Glow Light and I was impressed. It is very similar to the first edition and I was please with the purchase. The GL has a much longer cord but no wall plug. I've had my GL for almost a month  and I love it, the battery life is AWESOME! You don't get to name the GL like you do the first edition, but the GL is lighter in weight and the anit-glare is the same, I do not miss my book light clip on from the first edition at all..