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    Where's DAYBOOK by Steve King on my NT?

      Just graduated from Nook 1st Gen to Nook Tablet 16GB - but cannot find "Daybook" by Steve King! It used to be on the old nook's "Daily" but that's gone on this new tablet. Sooooo...I've spent the morning searching online from both my new NT and from my netbook but cannot find ANYBODY discussing this question. I can access "Daybook" from my netbook using "Nook for PC," but I want to read it on-the-go on my NT.


      I realize I may be able to access it by visiting Steve King's literature website, but I want the old feature back on my new Nook. Ideally I'd like a button I can click on my NT's home page, or at least, be able to click on an icon of some kind (like a book cover or app), to access it.


      Any tips or information is appreciated!