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    Using Nook with Canadian Address and bank

      Nov 1, 2012: After experiencing some difficulties with Kindle (whose attitude has seemed to have changed for the worse of late), I purchased a Nook based on advice that Canadian accounts worked as well as US. Firstly, on attempting to enter my address, I discovered that their database is out of date and my city of residence, whose name change 2 years ago was invalid--only the previous name of the city was allowed which does not match my bank records.  


      When attempting to purchase a book, a message advised that the country of residence was not the same and the country of purchase and could not be completed. I contacted their customer service people who were very helpful but I learned that the are having 'difficulty' with Canadian accounts. The digital rights management agreements means that some books can be downloaded, but not all--sorry, we don't have a list. I tried 4 freebies without success. They are 'working on the problem but no solution in sight.' Gosh, never heard that before.


      What was clearly stated by the 2 customer service reps I talked to is that an unknown number of publishers may not provide rights to download to customers with Canadian addresses and/or bank accounts might not be possible and they do not have any idea when or even if the problem can be resolved. Canadian purchasers be forwarned!