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    Nook Tablet Charging Problem

      I used to be able to keep the Nook charging while in use. This was good as I use it for an alarm clock and keep the display on all night. So, I'd let is discharge through the day, plug it in at bedside and turn in. As of yesterday, all that stopped. My nook was running down to 10% I plugged it in and got the not charging message.Moreover, when I opend an app or kept reading, it continued to discharge while plugged in.


      Thought it might be the cable or adapter. Went out the the car to use the car adapter - same thing. That rules out the cable and adapter.


      However, when the tablet goes to sleep or is shut off, it charges just fine. This is a change in the tablet's behavior and leads me to believe there's some logical routine that allows or disallows it to charge while in use, something that might be corrupted. Am I right? If not, what is it?