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    Nook HD + = wow

      Went to my local B&N today to check out the HD+, mine is saying it will ship today (nov 1) but who knows?


      It is very good looking, very fast, super screen and I am now wanting mine even quicker.


      The nook specialst in the Warwick RI store said that at that store they had 1200 pre-orders for the new devices.



        • Nook HD+ - First Impressions

          Have a Nook HD+ and here are my impressions.


          Feel free to ask questions.


          1) The screen is gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.


          2) Very light for a large device.


          3) Main OS is much better than existing one.


          4) Everything is quite different - in a good way.


          5) After using the Tablet and Color for so long, the Nook HD+ screen seems gigantic. Makes everything seem smaller.


          6) There's a lot of emphasis on Channels.


          7) Apps part of Shop has lots and lots of 'Channels' - things like 'Deck out your Nook' and 'Toddler Fun' and 'Word Play Apps' and lots more.


          I'll add more. Keep getting lost in trying new things. Ask me questions if you have specific questions.

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              Have you tried the HD+ with any technical books yet? For instance, I notice most programming books looked awful on my NookColor. How does a book with  special formating, (eg, figures, tables, different fonts) look on the HD+?

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                  Well, the only remotely technical book I have is Pragmatic Programmer. The code snippets are strange.


                  They are either images with low resolution, or they are very tiny (but well formatted) font.


                  Where they have used actual text code (i.e. code as actual text and not images) it's very clear and well laid out, but small in size.


                  If you let me know any free or cheap technical books I'll buy and test out for you.

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                  You'll be a pro by the time my ships on the 8th.


                  Keep those tips and tidbits coming for us.

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                    I am patiently (maybe not so patient) waiting for my call from Barnes & Noble that the HD+ is in stock.  I put my name on the list to be called.  I had a Nook Tablet that had OS problems that I returned a few weeks ago.  I figured I'd just wait for the HD+ to come out.


                    My question is about the email program on the HD+.  Is it better than the one on the Tablet or the same?

                    The email program that came stock on the Tablet would receive emails just fine.  However, as you were looking to see what had just come in, they would just flash off the screen...  Never to be seen or found again.  That was so frustrating!  They didn't just go to the delete or trash or any of the folders.  They were just gone...   I pray the email program has improved on the HD+


                    What can you tell me about that?

                    Thanks in advance,


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                        Mine was shipped by LaserShip today....yahoo

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                          I can't answer to the emails disappearing thing as that's something only checkable after a few days or even weeks of use.


                          Set up one of my gmail accounts using the Email App. It's good. The Email app is basic but good.


                          You get a list of your emails on the right. you get Folders List on the Left.


                          If you click on an email it opens up in full screen.


                          It's much better, in my opinion, than the earlier one. It's fast too.



                          Also, now there's a dedicated email button in the main menu that comes up when you press the N button below the screen.

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                              Email and registration were easy. The hd+ is such a nice size and the screen is lovely. So far all of my apps are working but i hsve over 100 to get to. You have to redownload them and you lose your progress in games.
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                                  What happens when you connect the HD+ to your computer and have an SD card inserted?  Are both disks presented as media device storage, or is the SD card presented as a disk drive? 


                                  I ask because my phone, running Sense + ICS, presents the SD card as a mass storage device rather than over the MTP interface. 


                                  I'm hoping that's true of the HD+ as well, but dont' know how BN has set it up. 

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                                      roustabout wrote:

                                      What happens when you connect the HD+ to your computer and have an SD card inserted?  Are both disks presented as media device storage, or is the SD card presented as a disk drive? 


                                      I ask because my phone, running Sense + ICS, presents the SD card as a mass storage device rather than over the MTP interface. 


                                      I'm hoping that's true of the HD+ as well, but dont' know how BN has set it up. 

                                      Once they fix the serial number missing bug so I can register mine I'll let you know.


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                                        Roustabout, I see -


                                        BNTV600 listed under Portable Devices.


                                        Then on clicking that I see -


                                        Internal Storage (the Nook HD+ drive)

                                        SD Card (the Sd Card)


                                          • More First Impressions

                                            1) Once I figure out how to take screenshots I'll add some screenshots. The screen is lovely. And the user interface (for the most part) gets out of the way of it.


                                            2) The lightness is really really impressive.


                                            Weight is around 500 grams. That's 152 grams less than iPad.


                                            Now that might not seem like much. But it makes it more comfortable to hold for long periods.


                                            3) I quite like the Nook Tablet design with the cutout in the left corner. Nook HD+ has a circular type cutout in the corner. Doesn't look as good but seems more sturdy.


                                            4) The placement of items is a bit strange. Power button is at the right side now. Volume buttons are on top. Very strange and hard to adjust volume. I can't even tell which is + and which is -.


                                            The SD Card slot is now easier to access. It's at the bottom, right next to the charging cable/proprietary cable slot.


                                            5) Not very excited about it being a proprietary cable but it seems 100 times less flimsy than the microUSB connection on the Tablet and Color.


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                                  Your trying to torture those wanting for their orders aren't you?
                                  • Got my HD+!

                                    Picked up my 16GB HD+ at BN this morning!  After updating it (there's already an update out!) and playing with it for a few hours, I have to say I'm extremely happy upgrading from my Nook Tablet!


                                    Some quick highlights for me:

                                    -The browser is a lot easier to use and finally has the tab feature.  Overall, it looks much better from the browser in the NC and NT.  Same goes for the e-mail app.  It's a lot cleaner looking and easier to navigate.

                                    -A new Calendar app for planning and scheduling events.

                                    -ArticleView, which was part of the magazine feature for NC and NT, is now also available on the browser. 

                                    -Can select page-curl animation for reading!

                                    -Home screen changes orientation with device (finally!), unlike NC and NT where it was locked (which was a small annoyance for me with those devices).  Shop screen is still locked in portrait mode.

                                    -Default Video Storage can be switched between the Nook and an SD card.

                                    -Settings has some small features I thought were cool.  Tapping on "Internal Storage Management" will show how much of your device's storage is being used by a particular category (Books, Newstand, Apps, etc.).  Tapping on the battery information in Settings will bring up the how much (%) is being used by a particular program or process, which is helpful to prolong battery life.

                                    -Scrapbooking is pretty easy to use and seems like a cool feature for recipes.


                                    Overall, the device seems very user-friendly and just looks cleaner to me.  I am excited to see how the Bluetooth works when my android keyboard is delivered.  


                                    There have been some small disappoints:

                                    -Some of my apps from my NT are not yet available on the HD+ and therefore won't transfer over, Scrabble and Plants Vs. Zombies being the most upsetting.  

                                    -The shop is very limited in TV and Movie offerings right now, as well as in the Catalogs.  

                                    -The Pandora app is not included and I could not find it in the app store.  

                                    -Tapping on the battery icon will not display the percentage as it does in the NC and NT, but will bring up the settings where you have to go into All Settings-->Device Information to find the exact percentage left.

                                    -Finally, I bought the Groovy Stand case and am thinking about returning it to the store.  The front cover is not magnetic like the Apple iPad cases, which is fine when the Nook is horizontal on a flat surface, but holding it vertically, it does flap open a little and the right edge hangs down a bit.  That worries me a bit if I will mostly be putting it in my purse or backpack because I don't want anything slipping through and scratching it.


                                    Again, I am very happy overall!

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                                        Sam...tell me more about the android keyboard...how are you going to use it with the HD??/

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                                          I snagged the first & only one at the store in West Hartford. Had some trouble with wifi at firtst but it resolved with a reset. Already I love it. Like you I got thr groovy stand case, but I am also returningbit--the thing is chintzy. I may just save up to buy an Oberon. Can you tell me how the scrapbook works? I tried it with Real Simple mag. Either I'm doing something wrong or it dorsn't work with all mags The browser is fast! do be patient with B&N re: video. They told me in the store that its been impacted by Sandy.
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                                          America has fallen in love with NOOK® HD.

                                          Demand has exceeded all expectations, and unfortunately, we're unable to ship your NOOK in the time frame we stated in our previous email. We expect to ship your order by 12-01-2012. Once your NOOK arrives, you'll discover a whole new way to enjoy reading with your favorite books, newspapers, and magazines just a touch away.

                                          Please know, you will not be charged for your order until it leaves our warehouse.

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                                            Seriously ????  "Orders exceeded expectations"  . . .  what they didn't make enough to cover orders after release for those who don't like to pre-order?  I'm not buying that excuse lol.  And not even a few days extension but and ENTIRE MONTH!  Come on lol.


                                            I'm waiting BUT not very patiently - bummage for sure.

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                                              I received my HD+ on Thursday...and I was able to get it running Friday evening. I must say...


                                              That I am truly impressed with this device. I have a Nook Tablet, too, and before this device came out, I fell in love with it every single day. I am keeping my Nook Tablet...and a new addition has just made the family unit sweeter. 


                                              The reading experience on the HD+ tablet is truly, truly ASTOUNDING. In another thread, I made this comparison: Nook Tablet is like reading a Tradepaper backbook or a small reader's digest in your hand...while, Nook HD+ is like reading a hardback book or a full size magazine. That's what I feel since I've been reading with this device. 


                                              However, although the reading experience is stellar, I don't think that I will be running certain applications that I own with it. I loaded my Words with Friends app, and I didn't like how that roll. I don't like the set up in how it when you enter the game, it automatically turns into landscape, and this is when I have the lock on the vertical landscape. So, I will continue to play Word with Friends on my Nook Tablet. 


                                              I am not saying that you need both the Nook Tablet and the Nook HD+. However, I am very fortunate to have both devices because I can use them for preferential means. 

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                                                I actually have the Nook HD +, i got it two days ago.  I cant believe how beautiful the screen is! I got mine in the Barns and Noble store they only had two available when I called so I went and picked one up quick. The HD + is amazing its very fast and smooth, Im in love with it lol. I still own my nook tablet which i love as well, but the hd+ is just better in every way. web browsing  on the hd + is wonderful!!!


                                                If anybody has questions as to what they can expect from the HD + let me know.

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                                                  I received my HD+ yesterday. Screen quality is as good as advertised, with the bigger screen and clarity magazines are awsome. Browser is much quicker, but usability is still behind 3rd parties like dolphin. Tried netflix, for me played smoothly looked very good. Truthfully I had no complaints with netflix on my xoom or NT. Speaker / sound is noticably improved. I haven't done much with games, I want to add an sd card first. I want more control over my home screen than this skin allows but it is attractive, of course I would have been okay with a stock Android home screen and controls so maybe I am not picky about that. When comparing to my NT and Xoom the size, shape, and weight really hit the sweetspot and with the gorgeous screen the HD+ is a solid value.
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                                                      Do you get HD on Netflix?


                                                      I can't seem to get HD at all. My connection is like 60 Mbps. So not sure why Netflix isn't showing HD quality.

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                                                          Downloading attachments from email:  It automatically empties everything into the first layer of My Files, which will get very messy over time, anybody have an idea how to change the location of downloads from email?  Under settings, the only thing I can see is a checkbox about automatically downloading attachments via PDF, but I can't see anything different that unchecking that did.

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                                                              I've seen a couple people in this thread mention the browser has flash....mine doesn't, and i didnt see anything in the app store. How did you guys get that?
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                                                                  MikeAnderson311 wrote:
                                                                  I've seen a couple people in this thread mention the browser has flash....mine doesn't, and i didnt see anything in the app store. How did you guys get that?

                                                                  Go to a place with a video, like facebook home or a news site (youtube doesnt always work for some reason).  There should be a banner saying you dont have flash and click here to get it (if you have a puzzle piece icon etc, look for another video). Tap on the banner.


                                                                  You will be presented with 2 options: 1) download with browser or 2) download from Shop.  Choose Shop.  Tap Install and enjoy flash on your Nook HD.