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    Ancestry.com review

      Since the BN app review automod decided to hide my review (again for the 5th time for "inappropriate language" I've decided to post it here as well:


      "I've signed up a few years ago with Ancestry.com and now it's available to view on my Nook Color. This is a watered down version of the website. You will have to sign up for an account. They have a free version available but it is limited. But still nice to input all the information of your family if you have it. You still will be able to research, you just wont be able to see the final results unless you have a subscription. Understandably so as they have put a lot of work into all the research. A person could also do the research on their own, but it would be much harder. You WILL have to search and it takes a lot of time, but well worth it. I have gone back to the 1500's in Switzerland for my family and now it's viewable on my Nook Color!"