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    Software updates and continued support for Nook Color



        I was just wondering if there will be anymore software updates for the Nook Color?  Also is the Noor Color nearing or at end of life and for how long will BN support it ?








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          Also P.S. I have noticed that power adapter does not seem to be in stock anywhere. What are my options if I need a replacement
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            It's pretty safe to say the NC is beyond end-of-life as far as B&N is concerned. It was replaced by the NOOK Tablet, which has since been replaced by the HD/+ line. You can still get support from others here, and probably at your local B&N. Any warranty is presumably long since expired.


            If you're feeling adventuresome, you can load a variety of alternate firmware, but don't set unrealistic expectations. The NC is an old device and won't peform like the newer ones can.


            So far as a power supply replacement: Check online with Fry's Electronics. That's the last place I saw them, though that's been a couple of months now.


            The key to fast charging is the B&N cable. The one with the illuminated 'n' allows charging in a few hours when combined with a high output (~2.1A) adapter like the stock B&N adapter. If your cable is the problem, you can charge at about 10% per hour with a conventional microUSB cord like the sort common for most phones these days provided you have a high output AC adapter for it. If you plug it in each evening, it should be ready by morning. Anything with lower output will charge slower. Charging off a computer USB port will barely work if the screen is on.


            Are you having any particular problem with yours?