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    How To Remove Repeat Titles In Processing?

      I had a book stuck in processing and uploaded it 3 times to get the thing to go On Sale. Now I have one version of my book that went through Processing and went On Sale. However, there are still two other versions of the same book stuck in Processing (and have been form 6 weeks, and 2+ weeks, respectively). Does anyone have any idea how to get PubIt! to delete the extra versions? There really needs to be a button to cancel a book stuck in Processing, but PubIt! doesn't seem to have one.
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          Does the one that made it show up on the product page and not the others?

          If so, you're okay.

          I don't think you can access the book when it is processing.I haven't uploaded recently.

          Check back from time to time. If either or both of them stop processing, you can deltet them.

          What counts is what the customer sees.

          I don't know why the two are processing. There was a glitch and maby that's it.