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    Blank books in NOOK for PC

      Ebooks that I purchased since the NOOK for PC upgrade show up in my library and appear to download fine, but when I open the ebook, there is nothing but a blank page.Books I purchased a month ago, before the software upgrade show up fine in the new version. This is happening with multiple ebooks that download and open fine on my NOOK device, so I know it is not the individual file. Is this a glitch with the NOOK for PC upgrade? 


      I should say that I am running NOOK for PC in Linux Ubuntu 10.04 on Wine 1.2. I ran the previous version of the PC app under the same configuration and had no problems at all. If there is not fix for the current NOOK for PC, is there a way to roll back to the previous version of the PC app?

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          After I installed the update all the books in my library have disappeared

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              I saw this listed in another thread, but my problem is not that my books do not show up in my library. They are all listed with their covers and everything, but when i open the book it is blank. I tried reinstalling but that did not solve it.

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                  I am having the same issue.  I can read my books only about 1/2 the time - and it's never worked on my iphone.  I would love if someone has a solution.  Currently running the latest version of windows on that computer.

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                    Reporting the same situation as TravP here.


                    I think I have the previous version saved somewhere.  Will be reinstalling...


                    Guess no one tests this configuration before they roll it out.

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                        Mine is doing the same. Shows books with covers and "Read Now" button, but when I click it, I get nothing. The free books I downloaded work, which I find ironicly annoying.

                        Running latest version of Nook e-reader on Vista 64bit PC. The book is "One-Yard Wonders"... not that that matters. First book I bought on here, SO excited.... guess I should've read these blogs before I wasted my money :womansad:

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                    I found a workaround.


                    As per another post (on the Nookstudy that I forget the link to), you need to install Adobe Digital Editions.


                    After installing Adobe Digital Editions and renaming the .tmp file to .epub, the books opened just fine.

                    Detailed instructions:


                    Download/install Adobe Digital Editions

                    close Nook.

                    go to the folder My Barnes & Noble eBooks/<username>

                    rename the tmp files to epub

                    open Nook


                    I'm using:

                    Wine: 1.3.0

                    latest version of Nook (as of this post)