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        No! Good day, sir!

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          I am pleased with the update.  I can see both sides, tho, and can understand why some people might be disappointed.  I already have a laptop and an  Android phone, so I really do not need to have the function of a full tablet.  I would love to have Evernote available on the Nook, tho, because I use that a lot.


          Being an Angry Bird addict, I'm glad to have it here but was a bit suprised to have to pay for it.  And I was hoping for Seasons and Rio too, but I dont see them in the App store.  I like not having the ads on Angry Birds tho.


          I purchased the Nook as an ereader and it definitely suits all of my purposes for that.  I hate the kindle and the ipad is too heavy and too expensive.  To have some of these extras on the Nook  Color is a nice bonus - without having to pay a ton of money for apps I will never use, and only pay for the ones I want.  I can live with that.


          Yesterday my husband received a free Dell Streak tablet - thats a beautiful little device and with full access to the android market.  It goes for $500, tho.  If it wasn't free, he wouldn't have it.  :smileytongue:


          He said if he hadn't received the Streak for free, he'd be off to buy the NookColor tonite.


          I believe in time the NookColor will have a lot more apps.  We live in a world where we all want instant gratification with everything we want, so patience is not something that everyone is used to anymore when it comes to gadgets. 


          I think for the price, this is a great device.


          ~ Carian

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            Yes, it is an additional $20/month for the data plan.. but the upside to that is I will not be strapped into wi-fi only and will be able to access online whereever I am at.  Its a consideration.   I am interested in the rooting and will definitely look into it.  Just scared that I am going to totally screw it up! :smileyhappy:  I was really looking forward to a scrabble game to play with my Android phone friends! lol..

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              joestravels wrote:

              I feel anyone who is thrilled with this update does not have a android phone.

              Why didn't B&N also charge us for the update?


              WOW, can't wait to PAY for a calulator program!


              So how long do we need to wait for more apps?


              If I could and did write a app could I offer it for free or would B&N still charge the downloader?




              I have an android phone.  I did not expect the nook update to do everything my smartphone does.  I am thrilled because the things it does do allow me to do more than I could before.  I think the people who are thrilled knew when they bought the nook that the price they paid would never be enough to buy a tablet and decided that what they wanted was an e-reader that might have some useful tablet functions.  Having made that decision they did not have unrealistic expectations.


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                I've been anticipating this update ever since I purchased one of these for me, and a second for my wife.  We've been completely satisfied with the ereader capabilities so far, but I am a little surprised at the lack of breadth in the apps available at the start.  Lot's of kid apps, which is okay for some, but I too have used a number of free apps on my HTC G2 phone that I would appreciate here.  However, to make it easy, here is a list of what I consider hits and misses:



                1.  Native email app, works fine with gmail.

                2.  Google docs now works fine on the NC.  Previously, you could not display the keyboard, but now it seems quite seamless. 

                3.  Fliq notes app, free.  More than any other app, I was hoping for a free note taking app.  Haven't really tried it out in detail, but at least now I can take notes fairly quickly, and manage them.  I'd love to see an enhanced note app, more of a basic word processor, actually, but for now, this fits the bill.

                4.  low-res flash seems to work.  Could be better, but at least now most websites will work reasonably well where flash is required, and I feel more comfortable using the web browser generally.



                1.  Too few apps, too many at high cost.  Some of the apps I've gotten for free on my G2 android phone that I use include a telnet client, tools for calculating IP addresses and subnet masks, ping and other network related apps, a guitar tuner, and currency exchange app. 

                2.  Sound on flash videos is pretty low through the built in speaker.


                Outside of that, it's at least a start, and I have hopes for B&N working with more developers who already have android apps that primarily need to be ported to the new screen size.  But my initial needs have been met, and I look foward to more as time goes on.





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                  Your right, I don't have an Android phone. I bought the Nook as an e-reader and this is all a bonus for me. And paying for apps is what I expected. It helps to keep me from downloading a bunch of apps I'll never use. I'm in the happy as a clam crowd.

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                    stacey:  ok, so you get a better device for 680 than for 250.


                    Tha'ts how it's supposed to work, right?  :smileyhappy: 


                    Me, I think I got a great damn device for 250 and for me not  having a monthly bill on top of it is a huge advantage. 


                    Go for it, once root is available for this release, unlock it and I think you'll be pleased. 


                    The CM team have heated up the bluetooth in their release, which means there may be a point coming when you can tether the NC to a bluetooth phone. 

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                      stacey677 wrote:

                      .. and get myself the galaxy tab with all the android apps I want.. which is now just $199 at verizon.  Sorry, BN, but that's your competition now and you FAILED!

                      I guess if I had to pay 30.00/month to use the NC, it would even be cheaper.  You are payimg over $900.00  for the Galaxy (remember that little contract you signed?????)


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                        Rolth wrote:
                        I agree. I have been reading about the NC becoming a "full tablet" for a while now. At best it is a locked tablet. I can't even install third party apps! Why would I pay for Angry birds when I already have l three games on my Android phone? Amazon is coming out with an Android tablet later this year with access to their own app store. B&N needs to meet the market for this device before it comes out or they'll lose everyone.

                        but B&N never said anything about the NC becoming a "full tablet". it's always been "readers tablet" with apps concentrating on the readers experience no more, no less

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                          I'm not too pleased about the decrease in performance, especially in the playback of ,mp4 movies which played beautifully before the update to 1.2 as well as the continued lack of any rudimentary built in file management. I would have liked the ability to create and maintain multiple picture folders without all being shown together in the Gallery and also a "download to/save to" option for downloads and image saves. At the risk of being overly demanding it would be nice to also have the ability to delete files without connecting to PC.
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                            The update doesn't disappoint me necessarily, but I can see where people are disappointed.  IMNSHO, I think these things:


                            1.  Angry Birds for 2.99 is more than it is on any other "android" stores.  Is it because B&N is charging a higher rate?  Is it because it's the HD version?  I don't know, and frankly don't care - it's a great app, and 2.99 is not too much to spend.  Think of it this way - you spend 60.00 for an xbox360 game, 50 for many first rate PC games, and 19.99 is a "bargain" price for most PC/Video systems.


                            2.  I am a little confused why they haven't gotten a good CBR (Comic Book format) reader on this thing yet.  First they could open up the bookstore to sell CBR files, and people could sideload their collections.  The screen is *perfect* for comic readers, and I myself know a few comic people that would buy this thing if it did the cbr files.  Comixology has an app that works on android that most people really dig, but I don't know if it allows for sideloaded content. 


                            3.  Being as it's "about books" and books are usually "about words"... I'm surprised Words With Friends didn't make the app store...


                            That's about it.  Other than that - this thing is awesome for reading books, and the little apps - they are nice, but I own the NC to read my Grisham, Lescroart, Baldacci, etc... :smileyhappy:

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                              ChampaignCowboy wrote:


                              3.  Being as it's "about books" and books are usually "about words"... I'm surprised Words With Friends didn't make the app store...


                              I imagine when  the paid version for Android is finished, it will be there.

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                                No, I am not disappointed at all. The install was perfect  and everything came up as expected.

                                I took a quick glance at the app store but didn't find anything of interest (Sorry, no interest in Angry Birds either lol)


                                The unit seems more responsive and overall seems like a good stable release. Hopefully there is some improvement in the overall battery life.


                                I can understand some of the complaints about a lack of functionality, the cost of apps and the problems some had when upgrading. For me, it's a solid device that does exactly what I bought it for which is reading and light web browsing.


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                                  I'm disapointed in the free apps junk. Some programs that are free still need a CC and a download and these are already on laptops and handhelds. Buying a "free" app ask for a credit card# , I use paypal. I don't care if its for DRM reasons. A credit card IS not a I.D. if a small service fee is charged is nor FREE. Don't start with the "Its like a shipping fee you pay if you order something by mail." Its not tangible, its a electronic signal! There is no shipping weight! I pay for internet access so I have already paid the delivery service. Its a little weird going into a news site and seeing movement flash is nice so long as they don't fill the page with moving advertising and slow up the site causing one to change the user agent to mobile.
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                                    Yep!  Very disappointed but probably for a different reason than most.


                                    Back in November I purchased a Nook Color because of their Nook App Developer program.  I develop software for a living and thought this would be a great opportunity.  So, I signed up (as did MANY other developers) just to find out it was a ploy.  There are literally thousands of developers out here, wanting to create innovative apps for the Nook and B&N will not allow us.  Why?  We still don't know.  We've heard repeatedly for the last 6 months that we will "soon" be able to contribute to the Nook app store yet here we are.  The Nook "store" is open with a mere 139 apps.  I, personally, would be happy to create a FREE calculator program.  However, B&N has yet to truly open up development to everyone.  So, will more apps be coming?  Yes!  Will Nook users have the same choices as someone with just about any other Android device?  No!  Was this done on purpose by B&N?  Maybe.  


                                    With that said, I do love my Nook Color and even without the Nook store I would be very happy with my purchase.  I have to say though, of the apps that were released today, none seemed to interest me enough to part with my money.  :smileysad:  Too bad.  

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