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    Glowlight cases... again


      For my first gen nook and my NST I bought the Industriell case: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/p/industriell-cover-in-storm/20093213


      I couldn't be a bigger fan. It was soft inside, rugged outside. Added some heft, could slip my hand between the case and the nook to read one handed, easy to remove the nook from the case when I wanted to, etc.


      Would really like to find something similar for the glowlight, have found a couple things on amazon, but without the ability to try them it's so hard to know what the fit and quality are really like. Would love to get some reviews from the people here if any one has found one they like.


      As much as I like all of your opinions, if we could stick to finding those book/easel like cases and not start yet another thread about how sleeves or reading without a case is better, I'd appreciate it!