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    12 year olds writing reviews

      One of the things I love about my nook (e-ink) is how easily I can post a review straight from my device after finishing a book. However, I also like to read reviews before making a purchase and many of them are written by pre teens. The problem I have with this is that often they are annoying and not even an attempt at a review, and they are on books for adults.


      Today the book of the moment is Brewster by Mark Slouka. There are five reader reviews and I will quote:


      1. (title) Kiley to ej - (Review) Hey babe.i miss you


      2. (Title) >:smileytongue: - (Review) Yuck!!!!!


      3.(Title) Ey - (Review) Kk luv u too ill txt u if i can but if nt ill watrill u get u ipod bac bi


      4. (Title) theoliviaandaliciashow@ [email address] (Review) Add me


      The fifth was simply a complaint on the price of the book (so of course they gave it one star without reading it. I see this a lot, someone doesn't like the price/plot, so they give it one star and complain in the review in a way which makes it obvious a 12/13 year old wrote it)


      Anyone else see things like this and get annoyed by it? I feel like there should be more done to keep kids off of these things/have more parental controls. Many free books are romance novels with scenes inappropriate for the many young kids who use the nook. Besides, after seeing so many "reviews" like the above, I'm practically tearing my hair out.

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          This has been an ongoing issue for years.  Schools block Facebook and other social sites so kids look for any site that they can use as a messageboard while they're in class using the school's network.  B&N could easily fix the problem (a 5-minute posting delay, for example) but has ignored it so far.

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              The problem isn't that they're twelve, the problem is that they're not writing reviews, they're playing games.  Adults can abuse the system just as much as kids (likely moreso) and kids can write thoughtful and articulate reviews as well as adults (again, likely moreso).