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    How to delete files off of Nook??

      Hi All!


      I really like a clean, neat look to my pages and I want to know how to delete things off of my Nook.  I borrow my books from the library and use ADE to sideload them into my Nook.  I know that you have to delete the things through ADE and I have done that, but there are still some stray things in my file.


      For example:

      When I go to My Files, then to Digital Editions, I see these things that don't show up in ADE:

      File Folder named Annotations:  what is this and why can't I get rid of it?  It has The four library books that I have borrowed, but I can't open them or anything.  Ex.  Bed_of_Roses.epub.annot  What is this and can I get rid of it?


      There is something called The_Amat...ge_1.pdf  This is some type of remnant from a book that I read in PDF format and have since returned to the library and deleted from ADE  How do I get rid of this??


      Then there is a book that I returned to the library and deleted off of ADE and it does not show up when I hook up my Nook to ADE with the cord, but there is still a file named Unbroken_1.epub  How do I get rid of this?


      Lastly, there is a file called manifest.xml  ????  No idea what that is, but would like it to not be there.


      Thanks for any help anyone can offer.



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               Simply hook up your "Nook Color" to your PC or computer and then click on "My Computer" and right click on "Drive "F"  and click on "Open" and  whatever is on the device will come up onto the screen and delete all the files or books that you want. However, make sure that you scroll down to "Eject" and there you have it.

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            For some reason when I finished reading one of my B&N books it put in my library listing about 900 times. Anyway there are 109 pages listing it and all of them are labeled "new" . In looking through my B&N download file there only about the number of files that I have books and there is no way to tell what each one is because they are listed only by a number and no title. I would like to get all those entries out of my files, but am stumped as how to do it. I sent this question to B&N but did not get a reply.

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              I wrote my first software in 1959, was a programmer for more than 15 years, a software manager for more than 10, but am new to the NOOK.  The frustrating thing for people like me is that the Nook is just like a real computer, but with 50% of the familar functionality removed or restricted, about 40% renamed, partially hidden, or rejiggered, and the 10% remaining mostly supporting uplink sales [I fully accept that the NOOKies need an income - no complaints; I'm just sayin'...].  So that's the backdrop for my question.


              My question is... is it REALLY TRUE that you need to CONNECT A NOOK TO A COMPUTER in order to delete a file????  I just opened mine up for my birthday, thanks to my dear wife, and decided to download some instrument approach plates supplied by the FAA for IFR flights.  Because I did not know that the progress histogram was compressed into the lower left corner of the screen, I assumed my first click did not work.  As a result, I have FOUR IDENTICAL PDF copies of the instrument flight charts for the southwestern US. :-)


              As I sit my at my desk here, I can delete them.  But what would happen if I were in a cockpit parked on the ramp in, say, Travis City, Michigan?  No computer super handy in that case... kinda like having no way to extend the gear if the main gear motor fails.


              Just doing a reality check.  Do I **REALLY** need a COMPUTER just to delete a FILE??? Advice????  Say it ain't so.

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                  Wayne, there is no builtin file manager.  However, if you purchase the QuickOffice Pro app, you will be able to delete, copy, paste, rename files on the Nook or the micro card.  It contains a decent file manager which allows this.  Extremely useful.  It also allows creating and editing Office and PDF files, although I've heard there are some advanced functions it doesn't handle.

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                    I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!! In the file  my stuff- push go to  my files then tap that to my downloads okay now

                    open the download folder and hold down the download you want to delete do not tap it hold it and delete button will appear!!!!!!!! BRILLIANT

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                    I'm the one who complained earlier thatthe Nook did not allow file deletion.


                    **IT DOES** - JUST PRESS AND HOLD THE FILE'S ICON, and a context-sensitive menu appears that reads:



                    VIEW DETAILS

                    ADD TO HOME

                    ADD TO SHELF

                    CLEAR DEFAULT LAUNCHER



                    It took my 25-year-old son to suggest that simply pushing-and-holding might work.


                    No if ONLY the Android Operating system could be upgraded to the new version...

                    OR CAN IT?  Check back later! :-)