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    My question, Do you prefer classic vampires or newbies?

      I am the author of Vampire Career  , the first book in a new series published by Dark Quest and available as paperback or ebook. One major decision I had to make was the description of the vampire. And that sent me looking for the many types.
      I posted this question on another discussion group and and received over 500 reads and dozens of opinions. Here are a few:

      Vampires grew out of village superstitions in  the 1750s when epidemics swept through Europe.

      Vampires were immortals punished by the gods by denying them daylight.

      Vampires are humans who died and then brought back to undead.

      Vampires are alive and can be born as such.

      What would be interesting would be a few replies naming the source of the description.


      My own vampire creation is a nice girl who is dying, seeks a longer existence, and becomes what I think of as a classic vampire, dead all day, alive at night, can only feed on fresh blood directly from a human, all of which creates a whole lot of unforeseen problems for a nice girl.

      I look forward to hearing everyone else's opinions. Explanations. References. Thanks!