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    iPad and eReader.com


      I've recently purchased an iPad and have been able to transfer both the eReader and B&N reader apps to the device and they "work", but they are still iPhone applications and when expanded to fill the iPad screen, the resolution is very grainy.


      I read that B&N is working on an iPad app (thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!).  When I contacted ereader.com support they indicated that they have NO PLANS to upgrade their ereader software for the iPad. The problem is that I have a substantial ereader.com library and I have no way -- other than using the grainy eReader.com original iPhone app -- to use these files on my iPad.




      I notice that ereader.com is listed as a Barnes & Noble company.  So....


      I've read a bit about it on the board, so I know the ereader.com and B&N are not directly connected.  However, I'd like to know  -- when I download my ereader.com library files to my PC -- if I might be any way to upload them for use on the B&N reader.  Is there any plan add that functionality to the B&N eReader when it's updated for the iPad?


      (oh, please say yes, please, please, please!)



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          If you can figure out how to get them there, your eReader files should work with the B&N app. Your e-books are in Secure eReader format, and B&N still sells some e-books in that format. The B&N reader originally handled only Secure eReader, but now also handles B&N EPUB.


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              I am in a similar boat to you - but since most of my purchases were from Fictionwise.

              If you can re-download the books in epub format, then you can add them to Apple's iBook and read them there (I tried this with a few books and they display great.)

              Otherwise - this was posted in an earlier thread that I started also about the iPad. Again, I have not tried it yet.



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              I think you'd have to try stanza, since it works with the ipod touch, it will most likely work with the ipad, and to get your books onto the stanza, you'd need to set up a FREE account with oreilly. Instructions are below, I've tried it and it works. You just upload your epubs (one gloriously painful upload at a time-dosen't load multiple books) then link to it with Safari (not sure what browser ipad uses). And instructions to D/L your usual side loaded content is below.



              Uploading to http://bookworm.oreilly.com
              > <http://bookworm.oreilly.com/> (for epub format books only)
              > 1. On your computer: if your book is not in ePub format, then convert
              > your book to ePub (called Open eBook format in the Stanza Desktop
              > Export menu) using Stanza Desktop or Calibre. (If your book already is
              > in eReader format, try the eReader-specific solutions mentioned above
              > and below.) 2. Go to http://bookworm.oreilly.com
              > <http://bookworm.oreilly.com/>, and create an account for yourself.
              > 3. Upload your books to your new account at
              > http://bookworm.oreilly.com <http://bookworm.oreilly.com/>.
              > 4. On your iPhone: launch Safari.
              > 5. Go to http://m.bookworm.oreilly.com
              > <http://m.bookworm.oreilly.com/> in Safari on your iPhone and sign in.
              > 6. Select the arrow button under Read in Stanza.
              > 7. This will launch Stanza in the Direct Downloads screen. Your book
              > will appear, though it will have a long name with numbers with a URL
              > underneath. Don't worry -- it really is your book.
              > 8. Tap on your book. If Stanza asks you whether you want to download
              > the book, tap Download. The book will open, and it will appear in the
              > categories on the main Library page.

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              You can be added to the New BN eReader for iPad alert list (see link  below to add your email address):




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                VitoVixa wrote:

                I'd like to know  -- when I download my ereader.com library files to my PC -- if I might be any way to upload them for use on the B&N reader.  Is there any plan add that functionality to the B&N eReader when it's updated for the iPad?

                My entire eReader.com library (over 220 titles) works on both the eReader app on my PC and on my nook.


                There is no reason they should not work equally well on any eReader app and (less certainty here) they should also work on any B&N Reader app.


                Just ensure that you download them in ePUB or PDB format.

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                    I think everyone here is missing the point (probably from lack of understanding of the way iPad apps -- specifically the B&N eReader app -- works and the way the iPad syncs through iTunes).


                    • Yes, I have the pdb files of my titles.  Not a problem.
                    • No, they are not in epub format. They in pbd format but they are DRM protected files so I can't throw them into a converter like Calibre and simply transform them into a different format.  However, the B&N eReader app can read PDB protected DRM files, which is great.  Again: not a problem.

                    However, what I need is a the mechanism to get my titles to the B&N eReader app on my device. You'd think it would be a simple drag and drop process to get the files into the application, but because iTunes does not recognize the file, it does not allow me to add them, either to the device or to the B&N app. The titles need to be pulled in by the B&N eReader application itself and there is currently no method for doing that as the B&N app will only retrieve electronic titles titles purchased through B&N and not from any third party (such as a tool to hunt them down on a remote server or on the internet somewhere.


                    That said, my hope is that the B&N software will be updated to (a) either pull eReader.com titles out of my online eReader.com library as it is a "B&N Company", (b) provide some mechanism for pulling in files from any third party vendors, or (c) update their iPad app so that, when files are dropped into it through iTunes, they will be recognized and updated accordingly.



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                    Alright. I'm at work now (sans iPad) and I just discovered that the B&N reader has been released.  Anyone have it yet? I've perused the details, and it mentions eReader as an app, but not anything about eReader books from eReader.com or Fictionwise.  Anyone have any details to share?