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    deleting archived items

        My question is ...once you have read a book and moved it to the archived section how do you empty the archive if you dont want it anymore

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          You can only archive on the NC. To delete you need to sign into your account at BN.com, go to account settings, my nook library. Here you will see all the books and periodicals that are on your NC and you can delete what you would like. Then sync your NC in the library (two arrows on bottom left). Sample books can only be deleted, not archived.
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            Sign in to your account at BN.com and go to account settings. Then to my nook library. Here you will find all the books and periodicals on your NC. Under each book will be an archive and delete button. Sample books can only be deleted not archived. This is also where you can cancel subscriptions to periodicals. Then sync your NC by going to your library and tap the two arrows on lower left corner. Hope this helps.
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              Sorry, didn't think my first post went through, so you get to read it twice! : )
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                Keep in mind though, that if you delete purchased content on your online B&N account, the only way to ever get it back is to purchase it anew.  Archived material can be redownloaded to your devices as many times as you wish.  But deleted items are literally gone, tossed away.

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                  I just want the archived items off of my nook.  it's taking up space and I can't download the book I want to read!