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    Processing... (forever)

      I've read about it, now I'm experiencing it myself.


      I submitted a new book the other day and PubIt said "experiencing technical difficulties, try again later".  The next time I looked, the books was in "Processing" state.  It has now been stuck there for several days.


      Anyone have any advice.  I sent an email to pubit@bn,com but hold little hope for help from the PubIt Admins.  Does this state ever resolve itself?  Is there anything I can do?

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          If you uploaded it in the new Word, try saving the file with the old 97-2003 Word and reloading it. See if that works...But maybe you've already done that...Just a suggestion...I know the new Word doesn't work well at all...

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            The same thing happened to me that day with one of my recent  uploads. Pubit's suggestion was to start a NEW upload. I did, but the unique ISBN is connected to the "Processing" status upload and so I'm still stuck.  I've requested that support delete the "processing" upload and am waiting for action.


            There must be a better way. Amazon has an author phone number and they call you back within minutes. Problems are solved so easily.

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              I have a book stuck in processing, too.  The hold up is my credit card number.  Had it stolen and forgot to change the number in my account.  Apparently anything the processing program finds that it doesn't like just stops it dead in its tracks.  I updated my account and re-uploaded the book.  Processed within 24 hours.  The old one is still processing.  I suppose that will go on until they answer my email.


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