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    Charging Cable acting strange. Never seen reported before

      I have had my NC for over a year with no problems with the charger or cable. I use it a lot and charge the NC almost daily. Yesterday, when I put it on charge, The "n" turned orange as always and I let the NC charge for a couple of hours. When I returned the "n"  was green and I unpluged it from the NC. This is where it gets strange. In the pas the "n" would go out. Starting yesterday, when I unplug the cable from the NC the "n" turns RED and stays that way until I plug it into the NC again. I have never seen this before. Has anyone else seen this happen. It also seems to me, but I am not sure, that the green and orange is not as vivid. The NC does charge though.


      I will probably be stopping into the local B&N later this week but I thought someone might have some ideas.