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    WiFi Shuts Things Down

      So, everytime I try and log onto my home WiFi all of a sudden, it shuts my NookColor off.


      Here is a  little more information:


      - I just got back from a three day trip where WiFi was perfectly fine and I had no nook problems

      - I've had my nookColor since December and it has never done this

      - The WiFi I'm trying to connect to is my home one, so its remembered and it just keeps saying it is disabled and then shuts off the device

      - This issue happens whether it is in the Quick Settings mode on the web browser or in Settings

      - I just downloaded the app "Blasting Monkeys" a day ago (just incase it may be an app error)

      -It is doing this while charging, albeit it doesn't have a lot of internal battery power


      Can anyone help with this? This is terribly frusturating! :robotsad:





        • Re: WiFi Shuts Things Down

          Have you tried removing your network from the Nook completely, powering the Nook off and on again, and then reentering your network info? Maybe it got corrupted somehow with having been on another network. Also check your network - perhaps it assigns a connection to your Nook, and with being away something else got assigned to it.


          Good luck!