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    Upset with Macmillan and Agency Model


      John Sargent (Macmillan CEO) had said in his blog that with the move to the agency model eBooks would be released concurrently with the hardcover, at a higher price than they were previously sold at.


      This was the primary reason I thought the Agency Model wasn't that bad. I could get my must have books right away at a premium price, or wait for the price to drop for books I was less interested in.


      Macmillan has released "A Mighty Fortress", the latest David Weber novel in a series I have been avidly reading.


      Prior to my purchase of the nook I would have pre-ordered the hardcover and been reading it on the release date.


      I was looking forward to purchasing and downloading this book on release (April 13th). I had stayed up late to finish "Changes" so I would be ready to start a new book. I signed into B&N on the 13th. THey had the hard cover but not the eBook. They were slow getting "Changes" up when it was released so I figured it was the same with "A Mighty Fortress".


      I went to AddAll to look for the book since Sony has been putting up new releases the day they come out. The only eBook version that AddAll finds is the kindle version. There are no ePub versions out.


      This has seriously p****d me off and I'm inclined to just drop reading the series and any other books published by Macmillan.


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          Sorry Larry :robotsad: You shouldn't have to stop reading a series you like because of the agency model. Not sure what to suggest though. I don't think you should go buy the HC b/c then they still win. Hopefully it'll be out soon.

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            Check your public library -- mine has a (DTB) copy in transit from the publisher as we type, no reserve requests out on it yet.  You can read it right away, buy the eBook when the prices stabilize, and only have to pay for it once. :smileyhappy:

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                This is where B&N could step in and explain why Amazon has a new eBook for sale and B&N doesn't have it.  What's the reason?  The B&N employees on these forums are good at moving threads around and giving what sound like canned answers to things, but squarely addressing obvious problems... nothing.


                So does Macmillan have a special deal with Amazon that says they get all the new releases first and Nook users have to wait?  Was that part of the deal for Amazon to switch to the agency model and start selling Macmillan books again?  Are we second-class consumers in the agency model scheme?


                None of the eBook retailers that I checked has the eBook Larry was anticipating - not Kobo or Sony or B&N.  But Amazon has it - at that special $14.99 agency model price.  Why?

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                I decided to check the bn.com ebooks NY times best sellers list.


                On the first page there are 45 books listed.


                25 are at $9.99 or less ( one at $9.45 and one at $9.60)

                18 are more than $9.99

                2 have no price listed.



                I can't find the orignal justification post from S&S, but didn't it say that NYT would be $9.99 and most would be less than that?