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    1.4 Upgrade will not install



      I have read several comments on this site and across the web and have noticed a lot of people experiencing difficulty installing the new upgrade. I have tried for the past week to install the update. I left it "alone" for 18 hours--no update. I then sideloaded update to NC, waited, waited, etc. Nothing. I have downloaded the update 2 times thinking that the downloaded file was corrupted. So far, nothing is installing. When I connect to computer, the sideloaded update file is not "there". When I first sideload, the file is visibile, however after a couple of hours, the file is missing. Does anyone have any idea why some NC will not install the upgrade?


      I think I will reload my N2A SD card and continue using it that way until BN provides some additional information. The only problem with that is the BN Nook for Android app that "stacks" magazine subscriptions.



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          Odd about your sideloaded file disappearing from the NC without having updated. It shouldn't do that until after it updates.  Mine updated easily without a problem.  Unfortunately I can't thionk of any solutions other than the usual full power down and rebooting.  Oh, and the erase and deregister process.   Hope you can get it figured out.


          Regarding your comment about the stacked magazines in the Nook for Android app: are you sure you have the latest version?  I have and it appears the stacked magazines problem has been resolved. Tapping on the stack of magazines will present a screen of the unstacked individual magazines to select from.



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              Thanks for your reply. Do you by chance use n2acards? If so, did you update with the SD card in NC? I removed my card, turned on to verify clean boot to NC, then powered off. I then started the process described above. Still would like to know where the sideloaded zip file goes....


              Re: Ver. Yes, I have the most recent version. In fact, I have removed and reinstalled several times. I have subscriptions to Popular Science and Popular Mechanics. Both of them "stack". The only work around I found was to archive all issues and only unarchiving the issue I want to read. I have the same version installed on HTC Inspire Cell, and do not have the problem.


              Regardless, I still enjoy my NOOKcolor. I have had it since 12 FEB 11 and have over 100 BN books, 20 Amazon, and at least 35 Google (these are mostly free books such as "classics". Even with some of the setbacks, it has provided me with hours of enjoyment and for my money, the greatest value of other readers on market at time of purchase.

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                  No, I don't have an n2a card, but I will be getting one soon.  I've given up waiting for some apps I'd like to have and I've decided not to upgrade to the NT, so I guess it's time to go ahead and get an n2a card, now that it seems proven to work on the NC after the 1.4.1 update.  After almost 13 months of ownership, I haven't found anything else to match the NC for the cost and size; with the n2a addition I may never need another reader/tablet (unless it breaks down).


                  Strange that the stacking is an issue on the NC, but not on the Inspire.  My comments about the stacking being fixed was based on it working on my MyTouch4G phone.  Maybe this is an issue you can direct to the support folks/forums at n2a since it seems unique to their product.


                  As for the disappearing zip file...that's really a mystery.  Did you check the LOST.DIR folder on the NC?