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    Free Fridays for young kids, please!

      My 6 and 4 year olds love to read books on my Nook 1st generation. My 6 year old plays chess against the Nook when a grownup isn't available for a "live" game. Imagine how he'd love a touch screen! We're thinking of adding a color e-reader/tablet to the family soon, maybe for Christmas. 


      I love Free Fridays - it's the first thing I check online on Friday morning! Please, please consider having a kids Free Fridays pick, something suitable for the 10 and under crowd. Everybody I talk to about the Nook gets that "I'm really interested" look when I tell them about Free Fridays. Imagine all the parents who would think that a Free Fridays kid pick makes Nook a better choice than, ahem, competitor products this holiday season! And, smart publishers want to get face time with future consumers!


      Thanks for your consideration!