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    Halloween anyone?

      If you've written or are looking for a new Halloween tale for around the fire post here... I'll start... I didn't write it but I now the young author who did.






      Snoops, Clues and Boos       paperback $12.99



      SNOOPS, CLUES & BOOS   eBook $2.99










      A funny mystery bed time story for children between the ages of six and twelve years of age. Join Erick and his two little pint sized super snoop cousins, Marcus and Morris the Eve of Halloween night as they search for clues to debunk or prove the rumor that new tenant Dr. Hans Craver snatches little children to steal their hands and fingers to replace his hook hand. Together as things go bump and coo-coo throughout the night, the cousins have one scare after frightening scare as they try to solve the rumored mystery of what happened to Bobby and Sam. Did Dr. Carver really steal their hands for his own evil purposes? Or can you really believe in rumors?


      This is a fun read-to-me book or it can be read alone.