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      Can a stylus be used with a nook tablet?  If so, what do you recommend?  Thanks for your help.



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          Yes, about any of those that work with the Ipad will work. I have a Griffin that I picked up on Amazon for around 7 or 8 bucks that I really like. If it's the capacitative type it will work.

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            Yes, a capacitive stylus can be used. What kind? I need help on that too. A friend bought a 3-pack of cheap ones from the "other" store and shared with me. I don't really like how spongy it is.

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              Hi everyone. New here, but I thought I would help out about stylus. I found one for $7.98 (total with shipping) that I bought for my Motorola ATRIX 2 (smart phone. Same irritating keyboard as the Nook). It came today and of course works GREAT! Then I turned on the Nook tablet, and it works there too. I found this site via Google; www.cellphoneshop.net. Once you get there, scroll down to Stylus and click. Scroll down to Motorola, and the one I bought is the last one far right top (Touch Screen Retractable Stylus- Touch-Screen Phones- 01)