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    Read and Play so unhappy..

      I would never spend 15 dollars on a kids book but after receiving a gift card for my nook, I decided to get my daughter a Fancy Nancy read and play and  was so unhappy.. I expected activities that went along with  the story but it was one cheesy activity that was dragging decorations onto a cake.  My daughter lost interest immediately and said " Is that all?"  So not worth the money paid. I actually called and complained and they gave me my money back.I don't know if all the other read and plays are the same but the Fancy Nancy Boutique book was disappointing!

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          I'm sorry you were disappointed with Fancy Nancy. We don't own that book, but "Splat the Cat" Read & Play is worth every penny. It has tons of interactive activities. You can comb his hair (my kids' favorite), draw on the chalkboard at school, help sprinkle confetti, & much more. Every page has something that is interactive. Splat is such a lovable cat, the story is great & the activities make it even more so. It is the one story we have on our nook color that gets requested almost every night between my kids.

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            Splat the Cat is really good. We also like Jamberry -it is colorful and has nice animation on each page, and different activities.