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    Emails disappear from Nook Color Inbox

      Hi. I'm trying to help my parents set up their new Nook Color, and I was able to get both their gmail and ISP emails working. As I was talking with them on the phone, though, the gmail emails disappeared from the Inbox on the Nook (the ISP email was still there). Nobody was logged into their gmail account at the time, and just out of curiosity, I logged in through the browser and saw all my test emails sitting there as new messages. I looked around online to see if anyone else was having this problem, but I didn't run across anything...anyone have any ideas?

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          Yes, I reported this to Sam (Community Manager) three weeks ago, it isn't resolved. Here is that post.

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            Oh, sorry...


            Check the settings in the Gmail account itself, not the NC account.


            Here, gmail emails stay until I archive them through Gmail or delete them (until they auto disappear within three days, as does all the mail.) 


            It sounds as if once they are downloading, they are being archived in Gmail, which would remove them from the NC. 


            I hope that helps!

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                I too lose email from the inbox.  When email comes up, after loading, there are no entries.  One time, as I was looking at the inbox, a new email came in.  I was able to open it, read it, and when I closed it, it disappeared. No where to be found.  I'm using Frontier as my provider and have Nook Color 1.4.2.  B&N support have not been able to help and Frontier has repeatedly given me the same setup info each time, and always the same regardless of the support rep. I have been working on this for a week.  Any solutions?

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                I had this same problem and I reported it two months ago. I never got a solution from B&N, but I did get help from my e-mail server. The NOOK uses an android based operating system and IMAP is recommended for mobile device setup. I was using POP3. I deleted my POP3 Account (to delete you have to Open the Mail App. In the top "row" just under the title you will see a drop down box with an account name. Open it with the "open gadget" then select "accounts". Long press the account you want to remove. A dialog box opens. One of the options is "Remove Account"), and re-added it as IMAP. My e-mail works fine now. The instructions for setting up IMAP on an android device can be found here:
                If you are already using IMAP, yours may be a different problem. In that case, I suggest you contact your e-mail server.

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                  K-9 Mail is now available in the Nook Store; try it rather than the stock email client if your parents are still seeing this problem.