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    active shelf

      Is it possible to turn off the active shelf feature?
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          Yes. Tap on settings, go to home settings, then uncheck all items under "customize by showing only these content types". You will not be able to place other items in this space though.


          If you only check the books and documents boxes, only your recently opened sideloaded items and books will be placed on the carousel.


          Selecting the "Inbox option will show only your recently purchased B&N content.


          I actually love the carousel now, as scrolling is super smooth. It took a lot of work to get only the items I wanted to see on it at first, because the books that showed up in the beginning were indiscriminately displayed. However, after I patiently went through the books on the carousel, and tapped "remove from home", on those books I had already read, I was able to get a great "to read" set on the carousel. Now, if I have sideloaded a new book, I can add it to the carousel by opening it, and after I've read a book, I tap "remove from home", and one of the other books on my backlist of "to read" takes its place at the end of the carousel.

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            Nice tip. Thanks!

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              That's a good idea LaurieB. I've been wondering what to do with that space (since if you don't use it for Carousel you can't use it at all). A 'To Read' list sounds great.



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                How do I get sideloaded documents to show in the active scrolling shelf thingy? I have several pdf files for work that are in my files/documents, and they don't show up after I read them for the first time. What's more, epub files downloaded via dropbox don't show up there either, nor are they saved anywhere in the filesystem, so far as I can tell.