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    Ebook Price Differences...

      I know that this has been addressed in this forum a million times, but I couldn't find the thread for it. So excuse me if it is somewhere else that I have missed.


      The book that I am reading right now is:

      Original Sins  Now on B&N the Nookbook costs a whopping $14.27 and on Amazon the Kindle Book price is $6.74. That is a HUGE price difference. For that much difference I could buy another ebook or something. I am not worried about money back or anything because the book was given to me, but usually the books on the Nook and Kindle are pretty close in price and this big of a difference blew my mind.


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          This book isn't published by one of the Agency 5, and thus not subject to agency pricing. List price is 25.99, but each retailer is offering it at a lower price. Checking Inkmesh (which doesn't think that B&N even carries the book) the typical price is roughly 18.00 (verified by checking each entry with the retailer, as Inkmesh isn't always up to date) with Amazon being the only exception. This means that B&N is 9.00 under list, and 4.00 under all competitors except Amazon. There's no guessing why Amazon has reduced the price so low, though one would guess it's a "loss leader" somehow. While it might be nice if B&N would reduce the cost to match Amazon, they are certainly being competitive in this instance and I see no reason to complain.