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    Sue Grafton Sale?

      Yesterday (Saturday), Books on the Knob announced:

      Macmillan is having a sale on Sue Grafton's Kinsey Millhone Mystery series and the prices have finally started working their way thru to more than just the Kindle store.


      As of now (Sunday, 6:30PM), I still do not see any sale prices for the Grafton alphabet series.  Anybody have any educated--or even wild--guesses as to when the "sale" prices might appear on B&N.  Books on Board and Amazon are showing sale prices; Kobo and B&N are not.  I have not checked Sony yet.

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          Amazon is (in my experience) the first to lower prices for a sale and the last to raise them.


          At least two days later B&N and Sony catch up.  B&n is the first to raise them again and then Sony.


          I'd look again on Tuesday.  Not tomorrow - I'm sure B&N won't have done anything yet - but maybe by Tuesday they will have.  Maybe.  MAYBE.

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              Thanks, Ya_Ya.  Patience is not one of my virtures, but I will try very hard to wait until Tuesday to check again.  (In my head, right now, I keep hearing my grandmother repeating:  "A watched pot never boils, young lady.  You just remember that.  A watched pot never boils!"  :smileyvery-happy:)

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                  Just because I just now reread my post and it sounds kind of harsh.


                  All of the snark in there is directed at Barnes & Noble; if a sale is supposed to start on Sunday, they ought to start it before Monday (or SUNDAY), KWIM?  But past experiences suggest that they.are.slow.  And that Tuesday is as early as one can hope for.


                  I'm not in the slightest patient, so I hear you.  :smileywink:

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                  I noticed on Tuesday that many Sue Grafton books did go on sale at BN: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/sue-grafton?sort=PA&size=29&keyword=sue+grafton&store=nookstore

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                      :smileyvery-happy: Yes, hooray! :smileyvery-happy:  I've bought the 13 titles that I don't own in paperback--a totally ridiculous, indulgent birthday present to myself!  (I'm even considering being extra-ridiculously indulgent and redeeming more credit card points for B&N egift cards so that I can have the entire series on my NC at 10% off the sale price.)


                      FYI:  Titles Q, R, and S are still $1 cheaper at Books on Board.


                      and PS:  Ya_Ya, I didn't consider anything about your first reply snarky.  I truly meant my "thank you" for your assurance that the prices would eventually go down at B&N.